Our Philosophy


Our Mission

Texas Fellowship of the Spirit is an annual conference that recognizes the importance of applying the spiritual principles as found in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. As a Spiritual Family, we come together each Spring to transmit that lasting recovery is absolutely possible for those who seek it. We recognize that our warmth and hospitality extends to the alcoholic, to families, and all those affected by the disease of alcoholism. As such, we find the participation of the Alanon Family Group paramount to the conference as a whole.


Our History

The Fellowship of the Spirit Conference has its roots in a small community of recovered Alcoholics and Al-Anons who live along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

In 1992, through informal discussions and gatherings, a community took shape around a vision of carrying the basic message of Alcoholics Anonymous to families and individuals affected by the disease of alcoholism. So began a long journey of becoming more connected with God and with each other. Every year the conference grows larger as more families get involved. We have seen both newcomers and old timers transformed by making personal commitments to the conference and to carrying the basic message. Best of all, every year brings a new team of volunteers together, whose “blood, sweat and tears” make the conference possible. Every year, new personalities and new vision fill the community as we join together with a great sense of alignment and purpose.

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